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Back in 2016, we all thought a Trump candidacy was a joke.  There was no way rational Americans would vote for him.  We were right in that those who did vote for him were not rational but there were enough of them (and with the help of good, old fashioned Russian meddling) that Trump was able to win the electoral college and begin the current period of national embarrassment.  Well, like most people, we needed something to brighten our spirits while Donald was firmly establishing himself ans the most incompetent, corrupt, and immoral President in history.  So, in 2017, the Deck of Deplorables was developed with the thought of poking some fun at the disastrous administration of crooks, liars, and dunces that could only have been assembled by Don.

This is a standard deck of high-quality poker sized cards.  The only difference is that each of these cards portray a different deplorable that was inflicted on the world by Donald J. Trump.

Meet some of the Deplorables:

C42 Sarah Huckabee.jpg
C38 Don Jr.jpg
C16 Giuliani.jpg

And49 More!

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